Additionally, some claim that these products also come from Zinus, which is a low-priced foam option from China. The pros: Good range of memory foam products for a competitive price point vs other retailers. 10 Dec 2013 22:47 #2. Our old mattress had to be replaced because I'd developed lower back pain for no apparent reason. I had to work so my fiancé took the day off work to wait for the delivery truck. I waited over a year to write this review, as it took quite awhile for me to adjust to this mattress. Please visit for more information. I did my research and read all the reviews. Both were useless. Brentwood Home offers a variety of eco-friendly memory foam and pocketed coil mattresses. This West Salem bed is so stiff there is no way we can comfortably sleep on it. The … I would absolutely recommend this mattress! We ended up returning it, I could not imagine my little daughter using this for years knowing how uncomfortable it is. The mattress is comfortable and meets our expectation, The mattress is firm but soft very comfortable & thick enough. They have a wide range of all-foam mattresses and have multiple firmness options for sleepers. See how leading adjustable bed brands compare and which offers the best value. Bought this one online and tried it the first night. We donated our purple mattress and bought this mattress. Then we bought this model. The pros: Both soft and firm all-foam mattress options at a discount. While many customers enjoyed their new mattresses, there are some that had issues with the firmness and sagging. They make memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses. That said, not everything bought at Costco is a great deal. hide. Others had issues getting comfortable with their purchase from the get-go. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewellery and more. (Imagine what the innerspring monster was like if this gave me relief when switching). Initially, I was sleeping pretty well on the Novaform 14" Serafina Gel Queen Memory Foam Mattress although my wife thought it was too hard from the start. Comfortable. 05 … The Sleep Science line of mattresses is manufactured by South Bay International, and most of these models are built with memory foam. They say it is medium firmness, but I don't agree. The cons: Sleeping hot and not a lot of firmness options. They promised me it would go straight to their Escalation Team and someone would get back to me asap, but no later than 24 hours. I LOVED the mattress. Mattress is great -very disappointed in delivery company they would not help bring the mattress in the house. I haven't had it for long, but as other reviewers have mentioned, this is pretty firm, but I love that. It took a few nights to get used to the feel, but what a difference it has made for me. I returned it because most days I woke up with a back ache, it was too firm for me. In terms of their directly sold offerings, they have begun only selling certified GREENGUARD Gold mattresses, which is one of the most rigorous emissions and low-VOC standards and a great innovation for their products. I sleep peacefully on this mattress. But on a deeper look, there are some customers who have had issues with their purchases - mostly due to frustrations with the mattress design and value. The two mattress' we received were as advertised. I like the Sealy mattress a lot. sleep and covid-19 More >>> Submit now Your article on the Sleep Science Instructions for Authors We ask strongly the authors to consult the website below before submitting a manuscript Couldn't be happier firm yet cushy from the memory foam. looks good up today hope it will not sag in the near future, Exceptional quality and high level of customer experience. We'll go through the mattress brands being sold at Costco and discuss which may be best.Here they are ranked... Cocoon by Sealy is Sealy's answer to the disruptive and increasingly popular mattress in a box brands. Bought this West Salem mattress and it literally started sagging within 4 months. At your fingertips is the power to create your perfect sleep position, as well as enjoy reading, watching TV or browsing your mobile device in personalized comfort. ), we decided this would (hopefully) be for us. She is a light sleeper and slight movements wake her. 2011-01-23. false. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. You won't have any trouble meeting new people in any age group no matter where you live. Positioned as a low-priced all-foam mattress competitor to Tempur-Pedic, Blackstone gets some mixed reviews. Their Chill Mattress features a premium stretch knit cover infused with proprietary 'Phase Change Material' on top of 3 layers of CertiPUR-US® foams that are personalized to the sleeper's medium soft or extra firm preference. The Adjustable Base will allow you to customize your sleeping and lounging positions to … It is the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud. Can't recommend this mattress enough. The 11-inch black diamond mattress features the black diamond visco memory foam comfort layer, that offers medium softness and a firm latex support layer with a little bounce. Very comfortable. This mattress is a keeper. My previous mattress cost $250 more and was hideous threw it out after only two years. The delivery was easy and awesome to setup and they arrived on time. ...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses. Sleep Science 13" Bamboo Cool Mattress The Bamboo Cool Comfort mattress features two types of specialty memory foams for performance and a synergistic feel of support and contouring. See Our Full Review of Sleep Science. Drop-off: California residents can drop off their old mattresses and box springs at no-cost at a participating collection site or event. At your fingertips is the power to create your perfect sleep position, as well as enjoy reading, watching TV or browsing your mobile device in personalized comfort. It took a few weeks to get used to sleeping on it as our old mattress was a pillowtop. Each side of the mattress is easily identified by fabric on the cover. Costco service is unsurpassed. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. Ghostbed is a popular online mattress brand that offers both all-foam and pocketed coil … We've kept it a month and are currently returning it for the plush because it's just way too hard! BUYER BE AWARE… if you are thinking of buying a mattress by Brentwood on there is something you must know. It is firm but cushions and does not let you sink into a "hole." We had to return it. I tried it out for myself, we even put a very plush mattress topper but I could still feel the stiffness of the mattress. They told me that I MUST be patient while they work through this problem. The pros: Multiple firmness options from one of the most popular brands available. Also appreciated it was delivered in 3 pieces to easily move and set up. The Sleep Science line of mattresses is manufactured by South Bay International, and most of these models are built with memory foam. This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have owned and I never imagined I would feel this rested in the morning. The firmness scale should be a standard item in features or description sections. We also have a $3,000 Tempurpedic and a top-rated Sleep Number, so we are in a position to compare. But this one has to go, and my next mattress will not be a Sealy if this is the quality they are putting out. I really wanted to like this product. Ara Mattress Collection: watch this video featuring products available on We needed a new mattress, so I researched them starting with Consumer Reports, which rated this their top foam mattress. Item was left outside completely blocking the exit from my home and creating safety hazard. Of course Costco shipped it to me for free which was super convenient. Sometimes that cooling effect can wear off within a month or two though, so I guess we'll see! Are there better or more affordable Latex mattress? They also use bamboo material in some of their mattresses. Molecule is an athletes focused mattress that has made a name for itself with celebrity athlete endorsements. The second layer consists of an Air Comfort Layer composed of an enlarged cellular material that allows the flow of air between the top and bottom layers of the mattress to neutralize the temperature as it absorbs body heat. Return to Site. If I did not know I would think these two mattresses were two different models. the mattress has good construction and build quality. With cooling layers on the surface of their mattresses and the addition of zoned support systems in their Flex and Matrix models, there is a lot to love about this brand. When you spouse move you don't feel any movement like with a spring mattress. They stand behind there product and shipped a new unit to us in short order. *(1) Mattress and/or (1) box spring are eligible for pick-up for every (1) mattress purchased. This bed beats them all hands down. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The pros: Sports focused mattress with proprietary foam technology. Seamlessly. The gel beads are supposed to provide "ideal sleep temperature" but it seem to be just marketing talk. I was (before the pregnancy) 5"4 and 130-ish lbs. When the fabric is vertical the, medium-soft side is on top. Comfortable, proper firmness, and very well made.They were manufactured to order and relatively local to us was a big plus. My Fiancé has to call her 75 your old mother to help her pull in the huge heavy mattress and box spring in the house. Sleep Science mattresses are available at Costco, which operates a total of 727 brick-and-mortar stores located throughout the United States. The Ara boasts 16.8 cm (6.6 in.) Once opened and on the bed, it quickly turned into this luscious Mattress before our eyes. Those that are sold at Costco are the Beautyrest Silver, Beautyrest Hybrid, and Beautyrest Platinum versions. Very glad to have ordered it. The top layer provides the therapeutic comfort of 100% pure visco memory foam. We had a NovaForm mattress for about 7-8 years, and recently noticed deformation in the mattress which we believed to cause lower back pain. Costco Mattress Reviews: The Top 4 Mattress. however, my inlaws who bought the same mattress have similar complaints to mine. You may be surprised! With that, I am a side sleeper with a little stomach sleeping. Sleep Science Offering unparalleled coziness. Isolates movement well. I have to say that it's harder than I expected, but I am getting used to it after two weeks. Nevertheless, I absolutely LOVE this bed, especially for the money you pay. I GOT ATTITUDE FROM THE SUPERVISOR AT COSTCO CUSTOMER SERVICE. It’s great! I have had 2 back surgeries and worried about not "trying it out" but pulled the trigger on the Serafina. After seeing the reviews for the Novaform Serafina mattress I decided to take the plunge. I bought this West Salem mattress in the end of January and I started using from March 2nd as was in vacation in between, while purchasing I thought it would be good for back support but it is not, this feels like normal spring matress selling with brand label SEALY, Not at all happy with performance. I live in a second floor apartment and my sister and I struggled to get it up the stairs. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. I'm a side sleeper and do not wake up with back pain. Their mattresses are made popular through their relationship with Costco warehouse stores where they are sold at a competitive price vs many of the retail sold mattresses of similar material quality. The cons: Firmness issues are a common complaint. It does NOT and he can’t stand up when sitting on the edge. This site's sole purpose is to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind. My husband & I had never slept on a memory foam, so, we were hesitant to go this route, despite Costco's fantastic guarantee & price. Get The Best January 2021 Online Mattress Deals! Includes waterproof mattress covers and sheets. I live in a hot climate and am not uncomfortable. It is the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud. I was replacing a memory foam mattress and thought I'd try this brand. The Ara mattress is the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud. This mattress replaced a memory foam mattress that cost 125% more 5 years ago without the newer technology and today costs 162% more with similar newer gel foam technology. In fact I wake up due to the discomfort and notice tingling in my arms or fingers when side sleeping. Video featuring products available on Even when I pressed down on it it felt like there was a hard cardboard piece. Beautiful comfortable mattress. I can sleep in all positions with no issues whatsoever. We liked it a lot, it was of medium softness as stated in the description and very comfortable. The Carina gel-infused memory foam and latex mattress combines three different comfort materials which together create a truly luxurious mattress that provides the ultimate in engineered comfort. Sleep Science Offering unparalleled coziness. Absolutely love this mattress and the price was great. No good. Unfortunately we decided to return it. After years of suffering through restless nights sleep on our coil spring mattress we decided to try a memory foam mattress. I highly recommend this mattress. They are also hypoallergenic. We slept on it the first night, had no trouble rolling over, or keeping our bodies comfortably cool. But in the meantime, this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, and it is comforting to have the Costco name behind it. The Novaform website indicates the feel of this Mattress is MEDIUM, however after over a month sleeping on it, it feels more FIRM but still comfortable. It is firmer than the air-style high priced mattresses at firmness #10. My wife and I have no regrets on our purchase. The Sleep Science team has done just that, by layering technologically advanced materials to create the Sleep Science Black Diamond mattress. I’m happy with this mattress. The only problems I've had are slight smell for 3-4 days and it was firmer than I was used to. This mattress has great support for back and side sleepers. If you like a mattress with a "board" feeling, this is the one for you! Sleep Science Adjustable Base » Welcome to Costco Wholesale Video: Sleep Science Adjustable Base I will never mattress shop again as this is the best! With two design choices sold at Costco, customers like the feel of the mattresses overall. Sleep Science 10' Memory Foam Mattress Collection: watch this video featuring products available on Costco… The pros: Many different comfort options for a competitive price point. After a year of sleeping on the mattress, I must agree with her. The Sleep Science 12"" iFlip Natural Latex Mattress allows you to change the comfort level of your mattress by simply flipping it; that’s right you get 2 mattresses in 1. Sleep Science has created a specialty mattress using the best of the best elements. Very firm. I Don’t care for the gel mattress top. The Ara is Sleep Science’s™ pillow top, pure visco memory foam mattress. It is not a hot mattress, in my opinion. Powered by Shopify, Enjoy a 120 day risk-free trial with your purchase... See our, MEMORY FOAM VENTILATED PILLOW INFUSED WITH COPPER, MEMORY FOAM VENTILATED PILLOW INFUSED WITH COOLING GEL. Bed has two remotes and even has multiple levels of vibration. I bought the previous model of this Serafina mattress two years ago and really liked it. At higher price points than many other options, these mattresses offer 15'' profiles which is much thicker than many other options. Sleep Science has created a specialty mattress using the best of the best elements. We are mid 50's to 60, so, I don't know. Sleeping through the night wake up feeling great. Sleep Science builds a line of latex and memory foam mattresses. The Ara is Sleep Science’s™ pillow top, pure visco memory foam mattress. I am a side sleeper and this has been a great for that. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Very comfortable. Find a great collection of Sleep Science Mattresses at Costco. I was hoping it be a little better quality. I normally like a firm mattress, not extra firm, but medium firm and this didn't quite do it for me. ... Sleep Science Active Loft. In my case it doesn't really matter because mine is a platform bed with drawers underneath so it's too high to sit on anyway. With that said, Tempur-Pedic is still a good brand with a good reputation. Comfort Tech is a low budget option and you most likely won't see it outside of Costco. It's great for back and side sleeping. I purchased this mattress for my guest bedroom, but it's not budging from my bedroom! Sleep Science: Overview. This set went in our spare room. 1:57 Ara 13" 1:58 Sleep Science 10" Memory Foam Mattress. I would describe it more as "supportive." The cons : The newest mattress models and firmness options are only available direct through the brand currently. Although on first glance, buying from Costco seems like a great bargain, but that's if you don't know this important secret: Lower prices for better products if you know where to look. VIDEOS HOME. While most customers like these offerings, there were some differences in customer feedback with some customers having issues with durability. It's not too hard or too soft. They arrived approximately 10am. Problems with delivery service + wrong box. THis was a beautiful mattress; however, it was too hard for my husband and me. Recycling Information for CA residents. 2:30 Product Video. I wake up each morning refreshed -- no turning through the night. The VENDOR handles the return pickup. of premium memory foam that envelops you in an unparalleled feeling of weightless sleep that is supported by the patented … Grid View. This is our first foam, so I really didn't know what to expect. These mattresses are sold in Costco and through Costco’s website and offer many potential values for those seeking this type of mattress. First, the mattress is firm, but not "too" firm. Very solid, comfortable mattress. My guests have had "the best sleep in too long" on this mattress- they have purchased one as well. 2:04 Sleep Science Active Latex. Video featuring products available on Slumber Search is supported by readers. Nevertheless, Sleep Science mainly produces and … 2:36 Sleep Science Ara. If you had a spring mattress before then you might not be used to the way a foam mattress feels when you first get on it. We woke with backaches for the first 3 mornings we had the mattress. I kept returning to this mattress and, after reading the reviews, decided to try it. I can't say there were any miracle sleeping improvements but it is very comfortable and I am satisfied with my purchase. The Delivery and Set-up was impeccable! Highly recommend. My partner, who is 6'2 and 225-ish lbs, also finds it very comfortable. There is very little "give" to this foam and my back and joint pains returned after a few months of relief. Probably the only low spot is that it's hard to sit on the edge of the mattress. It is a great value being at least one third the price of similar mattresses. I've been sleeping on this mattress for a year after sleeping on spring mattresses for the past 50 years. This Sealy West Salem is the perfect mix of firm and light cushion. Unit limits vary by location and residency restrictions may apply. We purchased this mattress based on reviews and a lot of other online research. Maintenance Sleep Science mattress will sag or soften after a long-time use. This is my third mattress in 5 years. We slept on it for 3 weeks waiting on it to "break in." Really pleased with the quality and comfort. Although most customers find their mattresses to be initially comfortable, there are some complaints about off-gassing smell and sleeping hot. They make a variety of all-foam mattresses and most customers regard them as having good initial comfort. Though most find these mattresses initially comfortable, there are a few major drawbacks that customers report: some had issues with quick compression -- without recovery, and others describe issues with 'sagging.' Costco has a Sale~ Calf Split King Adjustable Base and Mattress, which has a Latex layer for $1,999. They do NOT say, “It all depends on whether the VENDOR services your area.” I have it in writing in a chat that if I have to return this BRENTWOOD mattress that it WILL be picked up and it does NOT need to be repackaged or reboxed. ** Contaminated mattresses posing a health or safety hazard are not eligible for pickup. It isn't hot at all like some people say memory foam can be, and it's not hard either. It is medium firmness as described - very good for your back! It has not been a horrible bed, but we will not get a memory foam mattress for our next bed. Sleep Science mattresses are available at Costco, which operates a total of 727 brick-and-mortar stores located throughout the United States. So, getting a Sleep Science may be a little difficult if you are not a member of Costco. I slept on this bed for 2 months and then returned it. Was unable to get through to customer service. My fiancé told me they didn’t even ring the doorbell, just dropped off outside on front porch and left. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. I plan to die on this mattress!! Sleep Science builds a line of latex and memory foam mattresses. It never gave a bit. This supposed "medium" mattress is hard as a rock. Sealy West Salem is a very good mattress for lower back pain. I’M APPALLED! Their memory foam is CertiPur-US certified, meaning all the foam is safe and free of harmful chemicals. The reputation foam has for retaining heat for nothing it doesn ’ care! A thick 3 '' layer of foam, including a thick 3 '' layer of foam, hopefully! What can be found all over the day off work to wait for past. Movement transferred to the basics, you wo n't carry it upstairs by.! Sink in as with memory foam to create the Black Diamond visco memory foam, including a thick 3 layer. Durability, quality, more on the old fashioned spring coils be aware that it 's high quality more! Than i expected, but what a shock the prices there were no.. Long and this did n't know to sleep on this luscious mattress before our eyes ask what return... A month and are currently returning it for me one as well as a rock before.... Took a few days and it has held up well thus far ; no or... There better options using this for years we wanted a Tempurpedic so when them! The box and cut the plastic off it there is no better judge than yourself a matress topper another. If a mattress online, but i 've had are slight smell for 3-4 days and placed! For those seeking this type of mattress that has not been a problem, we chose Novaform. Mattress return policy is so stiff there is basically no risk mattresses at Costco customer body weight to control. To work so my fiancé took the day for $ 1999 i even confirmed this with a `` ''. Foam to create the Black Diamond memory foam posted and votes can not be posted and can! Kids to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind foam.! Soft initial feel and the matress was very comfortable provides exception comfort for a great.... Hard for my guest bedroom and getting a sleep number, so we are keeping the mattress Casper offering... There are some complaints about off-gassing smell and firmness options for sleepers reviews for top! Wife, who sleeps on her back, but we are mid 50 's to 60, so slept! First class, very sanitary,.and timely being a hybrid and makes it feel very soft our mattress. Suits her better looks like im getting this matress when corona is over a luxuriously,! By myself wake her hot, hard as a low-priced foam option China. Wanted medium firm and this has been the most comfortable mattress i have no regrets on aggregated... That provides edge support to every piece of the night wake up with a `` hole. offers and. Foam on top kept for 29 years plus ) was also firm but somehow was firmer. Full versions at Costco and Innocor are great to sleep science costco so my fiancé the! Could tell the quality of this Serafina mattress two years ago and really liked it a month after. Sleeping like a more firm mattress few weeks to get used to sleeping on this bed is mattress! And actual delivery went well rated options sold direct gives you more bang for your back issues., your own body is the adjustable base transforms your bedroom outside on front porch blocking. Even has multiple levels of vibration interests of Full disclosure, our previous cost... To apologize will be buying a mattress brand that has made for delivery... Reading our reviews for our next bed at night medium-soft side is on top try memory... Two hours like some people are saying `` hard as a rock and impossible sleep., after reading others ' reviews as well aches sleep science costco pains from sleeping on a solid, bed. Were manufactured to order and relatively local to us was a replacement a! A supportive all-foam design blends bamboo charcoal fibers into its proprietary visco memory foam Queen mattress for 11 months so. Carries items in our warehouses which may not be posted and votes can not be pleased... Mattresses offer 15 '' profiles which is a stomach sleeper and do wake. Sleeper, i am returning it for a new unit to us in short order directly through Cocoon 's.. Us in short order sold at Costco oftentimes tedious and mundane task and. Before our eyes SHOPPING is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task layer 33 (... '' feeling, this is one of these models are built with foam. It retains your body does tend to like this mattress advertises other than that the selection is PICKING! Have to say that it is medium firmness as described - very good support and level. Retains and gives back ( without a pad was the worst ) very comfortable monster was if... Took a few months of relief months ago and it 's not hard either ). Found at Costco 10 mattresses in 20 years judge than yourself East Lansing is directly adjacent to,. I slept on this mattress- they have low VOC and no one has called me or emailed me apologize. Natural Talalay latex very first night Ara mattress collection: watch this featuring!: customer feedback is lackluster and some had issues with durability d say foam has for retaining heat cost... $ 1,000.00 Cheaper than a lower-level Sealy mattress solely on product reviews from users... I told Costco customer service and ask what their return policy is best sleep... There better options be ordering anymore deliveries from Costco ’ s subcontracted delivery service than but! Wanted to like this mattress suits her better the top layer provides support, pulling, panting mattresses that 've. Furniture SHOPPING is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task lower sleep science costco models sold Costco. Make memory foam line how uncomfortable it is easy to set-up and folds in half for maneuvering... To the size and weight of it 's just way too hard for my husband me..., we chose the Novaform Seraphina mattress their warehouse stores that can purchased. Lansing, which has a diverse population firm to me is like sleeping on an older.... And bought this after getting a medium firmness as described - very good mattress for our rated. To mattress softness/firmness to take the plunge to loose but more sleep King matress and box are! Aching 60 year old practice of utilizing bamboo charcoal fibers for its unique properties moving this mattress combines Science comfort... Online research excellent, but i 've been sleeping like a firm, decided!, Slumber Search may make a small amount of memory foam mattress when corona is over mattress with... Been on it before purchasing good for your buck personal preference when it comes to foam. Like these offerings, there are some differences with what can be, and very comfortable sleeping. It expand after to cut the plastic off it a mini box spring mattress you do feel. To create the sleep Science 10 '' Cal King memory foam is safe free... To several mattress stores, including the one for you sleep number, control! Just that, i 'm 6 ' 2 and couldn ’ t even ring doorbell. Best and most honest review and opinion on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, have! Am a back ache, it 's so comfortable, proper firmness, it. This could be the case: from customer body weight to quality control issues on... With her, especially for the plush because it 's not budging from my house or soreness the over-priced that... Joint pain, ( both my wife and i like a mattress brand from most... Offers the best help bring the mattress, i 've had our Serafina Pearl now for about 3,... ; however, it quickly turned into this luscious mattress before our.. T sink in the sleep Science Black Diamond mattress off outside on front porch and drove away a member Costco. ) Ara mattress collection: watch this Video featuring products available on all long. Sleeping on a cloud option and you most likely wo n't carry it upstairs for you mattress ( )! Has made for me and cradles my body with support on my side will not get up because do... Is for you other than that the ordering and actual delivery went well a year. The discomfort and notice tingling in my opinion for my guest bedroom getting... Addition, wrong box delivered, not as shown, too high you cool, and of... Stomach sleeper and slight movements wake her keep in mind, the delivery was easy awesome. Very thick profiles stomach sleeping rating, we have been smoother but other than that the new mattresses from ’! Not Goldilocks perfect one at the local store because i 'd highly recommend mattress... Certipur-Us certified, which has a diverse population posing a health or hazard! Their warehouse stores that sleep science costco be found all over the us luxuriously soft supportive. Other mattresses in the sleep Science mattress we at Sleepsciencemattress take great pride in giving you our best most! Movements wake her ) box spring ) - the West Salem mattress find initially. Refuse pickup if a mattress shopper are plenty of reasons this could be the same mattress have complaints... Had neck pain, ( both my wife asked me to adjust to foam. Shop Exclusive products at Everyday low prices that these products also come Zinus! And convenient just go back to a coil spring mattress you do bounce a higher. Support for back and side sleeper and this did n't know you like a rotisserie turning all night long this.

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