As soon as you open a door to exit the car, then the radio shuts off. Hey guys it's the door "lock" or latch. It doesn't matter how quickly I turn the key or open the door-- nor does the amount the door is … I moved it way over and then back, and it worked. And no the interior lights don't come on unless i roll the light thing to turn them on. 06 Chevy Express 2500 4.8L 81,000 milesI'm suddenly noticing an issue where the clock display on my radio doesn't shut off when I remove the key and open the door. 07 G6 GTP. I have tried to keep on top of turning it off by hand before I leave to stop this very thing from happening. have the radio on turn key off when i open the door the radio should go off but it doen't any info what could be the promblem thanks Please consider whitelisting my site in your ad blocker. Currently have 109,500 miles and in the last few weeks we have noticed that the radio doesn't always turn off when the drivers door opens. And, just the other day the air vents didn't move from defrost to panel when I selected the new position on the dial. any one know where the sensor is? Usually ours takes about 3 or 4 seconds to turn off the radio if I forget to turn it off, or if I'm in a rush, but I always wait for it to turn off while I have the door open. I did not see a button like most cars have that turns dome off etc. for some reason my radio windows and wipers wont turn off when I pull the key out and open the door. The radio and some other electronics aren't turning off when I exit my car. When it … Someone said it best, lots of electrical gremlins in this car. My radio doesn't always turn off when I open the driver door. Volume knob worked, doors locked, dome light went off when door was shut, everything worked normally except the radio would not turn off. Latch is what most people would call it, it's the part in the door with the "hook" that rotates around and latches onto the striker on the body. Hey guys! If no, perhaps the switch in the door … Well the radio should not turn on after the key is out of the truck i open the door. I also noticed that the dome lights don't always come on when I open the driver's door. If you must keep it running here, please support this endeavor and select a support plan - which starts at only $0.16 cents per day. The switch is part of this latch and is not visible from the outside. have to open rear door to stop it. It fixed the problem. My 2015 F150 did this today. ... how hard is that really annoying to have to open another door to turn off radio etc.. works some times but today not working. Plus the truck isn't even getting power to the relys so i think its going to be an ignition switch doing it. Are your interior lights coming on when you open the driver’s car door? I had to pull Fuse #32 on the passenger side fuse panel, and reinstall it. My Unlock button on my key fob decided to stop working as well. So, when the driver’s door is open with the radio still on and the dome lights off I can move the latch piece manually to the latched position, two clicks, and then pull the door handle to release the latch and every time the radio will go off and the lights come on. Normally when I turn off the key and open the door, they shut off-- but they have been very intermittent lately. If you open your door and the radio stays on, just tap on the latch and see if the radio turns off. Help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any door ajar light on. My radio intermittently doesn't turn off when I open the door. My battery dies if I leave it longer than a few hours Recently when i shut off the car and open my door, the stereo still plays. The door ajar switch is in the latch and they stick sometimes. I was thinking bad relay or bad pcm. I think it could be a few things but not sure. My '04 Ford T’bird is set up so the radio continues to play after you turn off the ignition and even remove the key from the ignition.

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