Introducing sentence examples. The preview starts with a microphone and Orson pumping his story of John Foster Kane by introducing the film's actors behind the scenes during its production. In spite of his multifarious duties at the foreign office Grenville continued to take a lively interest in domestic matters, which he showed by introducing various bills into the House of Lords. As man cannot easily avoid introducing parasites, and must keep domestic animals and till the land, a certain disturbance in aboriginal faunas is absolutely unavoidable. I hope the reader will pardon me for introducing these extracts. Here it may be mentioned that, like the hero in the Breton mdrehen, Qat " brought the dawn " by introducing birds whose notes proclaimed the coming of morning. Tex, the chain-smoking barker, introduces each act. Read a concept book introducing the numbers one to ten. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. All Rights Reserved. collocations with verbs introducing what is in effect an object or secondary object. You probably began introducing solid foods when your baby was between four and six months of age. Now in oxidizing, or introducing more oxygen, for instance, by means of a mixture of sulphuric acid and potassium bichromate, and admitting that oxygen acts on both compounds in analogous ways, the two alcohols may give (as they lose two atoms of hydrogen) CH 3 CH 2 COH and CH 3 C0 CH 3. Adventure cruises specialize in introducing travelers to the intimate flora, fauna, and culture of a region, and none are more detailed and exotic than Costa Rica adventure travel river cruises. The strength of the current may also be regulated by introducing lengths of German silver or iron wire, carbon rod, or other inferior conductors in the path of the current, and a series of such resistances should always be provided close to the tanks. 65. Speaking generally, the cancioneiros form monotonous reading owing to their poverty of ideas and conventionality of metrical forms and expression, but here and there men of talent who were poets by profession and better acquainted with Provencal literature endeavoured to lend their work variety by the use of difficult processes like the lexaprem and by introducing new forms like the pastorela and the descort. At first only one surface of the copper was plated with silver and thus its usefulness was necessarily restricted, but it was a simple matter to apply the silver to both sides and thenceforward whatever was made in solid metal could be reproduced in plate, and firm after firm went into the business, ever and anon introducing further improvements. Here’s how you introduce yourself in English in 10 lines. This school is very dissimilar from the half-romantic school of Jonas Hallgrimsson; it is nearer the national Icelandic school represented by Pall Olafsson and porsteinn Erlingsson, but differs from those writers by introducing foreign elements hitherto unknown in Icelandic literature, and - especially in the case of the prose-writers - by imitating closely the style and manner of some of the great Norwegian novelists. Contrary to past beliefs, it has been found that not only do babies not need solid foods before then, introducing solids too early may lead to food allergies or overfeeding. 4. Along with cereal, you can also begin introducing solid foods like applesauce, bananas, and pears. The motives remained almost identical with those of the Chinese masters, and so imbued with the foreign spirit were many of the Japanese disciples that it is said they found it difficult to avoid introducing Chinese accessories even into pictures of native scenery. Consider using chrome bathroom accessories or introducing a single color into the mix to further the retro appeal. moschata, 2 ft., with a profusion of pale pink or white flowers, and musky deeply cut leaves, though a British plant, is worth introducing to the flower borders when the soil is light and free. H. Morsus-ranae is a native water-plant, having floating leaves and pretty white flowers, and well worth introducing to ponds. Introducing the Athenians to God: Paul's failed apologetic in Acts 17? Aided by grants from the Prussian government, these workers systematically investigated the effect of introducing a large number of different chemical substances (oxides) into vitreous fluxes. In the past decade several popular children's toy companies have jumped on the Memory match bandwagon by introducing their own versions of the game. Tex, the chain-smoking barker, introduces each act. Finally, you can help your baby develop good eating habits by introducing her to a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. I introduce a general method, the amphibologization method, to generate amphibologies in pre-existent logical calculi. How young is too young when it comes to introducing your child to the computer? Another way in which a demon is held to cause disease is by introducing itself into the patient's body and sucking his blood; the Malays believe that a woman who dies in childbirth becomes a langsuir and sucks the blood of children; victims of the lycanthrope are sometimes said to be done to death in the same way; and it is commonly believed in Africa that the wizard has the power of killing people in this way, probably with the aid of a familiar. Chris Furness Introducing your new parish councilors: My name is Brian Hardy recently co-opted on to the Parish Council. Introduction sentence examples. "Vasili Denisov, your son's friend," he said, introducing himself to the count, who was looking inquiringly at him. introduction. If a formal proof be desired, it may be obtained by introducing into the integral a factor such as P, in which h is ultimately made to diminish without limit. Bilirubin-induced complications can be prevented by introducing a neonatal jaundice protocol to identify infants at risk for significant bilirubin increases, by ensuring adequate parental education and providing for follow-up care. 3. The company is also introducing several additions to its successful lineup of bath toys. Canovas so fully comprehended the necessity of averting American intervention that he listened to the pressing demands of secretary Olney and of the American minister in Madrid, Hannis Taylor, an.d laid before the Cortes a bill introducing home rule in Cuba on a more liberal scale than Maura, Abarzuza and Sagasta had dared to suggest two years before. When introducing counting, use items you see in everyday life. Smith is also making use of his honeymoon to introduce a controversial rotation system designed to blood a new generation of players. To him also belongs the great merit of liberating Russian preaching from the fetters of Polish turgidity and affectation by introducing popular themes and a simple style into Orthodox pulpit eloquence. I need hardly say what a pleasure it is to, 7. She didn’t introduce me to her mother. Let me introduce you to him. It was not only that he hated and distrusted the boyars, but he was already statesman enough to discern that they could not be fitted into the new order of things which he aimed at introducing. American Express decided to make the rumor a reality in 1999 by introducing the Amex Centurion Card. In brief, Mr Andrews' method consists in introducing water at the proper temperature into the retting vat, and maintaining that temperature by keeping the air of the chamber at a proper degree of heat. They're introducing CCTV cameras in an attempt to cut street crime in the area. Introducing, Big Ben, a radical new studio timepiece that will set the pace for all master clocks to come. In addition to introducing new motorcycle models frequently, it designs innovative engines and other safety equipment, operates numerous facilities and retail stores around the world and sells its own line of merchandise. Sibling birth announcements have become a popular choice in introducing the newest member of the family to relatives, friends, and co-workers. introduce (v): to make someone's name known for the first time; to make use of something for the first time Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) The company is also introducing the product Precise 100 XS - the most cost-effective biometric fingerprint reader on the market. 1., 69), and, although faultily executed, satisfied a real want by introducing the Romans to a knowledge of Greek. Let’s go. When changing your dog's food, always do so very gradually, introducing the new food a little at a time over the period of time suggested by your veterinarian, usually about ten to fourteen days. For example, uterine tissue can enter the mother's circulation during prolonged labor, introducing foreign proteins into the blood, or the venom of some exotic snakes can activate one of the clotting factors. Moreover we can make a history of Aristotle's thought and gradual composition thus: (s) Earlier acceptance in the De Interpretatione of Plato's grammatical analysis of the sentence into noun and verb (secundi adjacentis) but gradually disengaging the proposition, and after wards introducing the verb of being as a third thing added (tertium adjacens) to the predicated verb, for the purpose of opposition. Introducing solids is a major milestone in a child's first year of life. For this purpose the pope appointed. Climbing into my own bed at 5am and introducing the toddler who awoke at 7am to his baby sister. No point in even introducing a mention of Jerome Shipton. You can also take double advantage of the element and the color by introducing house plants into your room design. He held this position till 1848, and worked with a remarkable intensity - holding teachers' conventions, delivering numerous lectures and addresses, carrying on an extensive correspondence, introducing numerous reforms, planning and inaugurating the Massachusetts normal school system, founding and editing The Common School Journal (1838), and preparing a series of Annual Reports, which had a wide circulation and are still considered as being "among the best expositions, if, indeed, they are not the very best ones, of the practical benefits of a common school education both to the individual and to the state" (Hinsdale). 6. introducing in a sentence - Use "introducing" in a sentence 1. Mesthrie, R., Swann, J., Deumert, A and Leap, W (2000) Introducing Sociolinguistics. It was at this time too that the many-sided Alexius invented his famous "drops," or tinctura toniconervina Bestuschefi, the recipe of which was stolen by the French brigadier Lamotte, who made his fortune by introducing it at the French court, where it was known as Elixir d'Or. But Simpson has not introduced any legislation to change the situation. The banks are suffering from erosion and we 've had no success in introducing various water plants as they are always eaten. Vocabulary - The vocabulary is age-appropriate while introducing new words. Hoping to dispel some of the confusion, especially in the business world, Chinese-Americans often take on a more American first name, introducing themselves by their adopted first name and Chinese surname instead. - Among the most Interesting modern means of waging war against epidemic pests is that of introducing other epidemics among the pests themselvese.g. Should this behavior seem more playful than hostile, you can begin introducing the new pet to the entire house. Like a true Hegelian he saw three stages in the development of labour: the ancient and feudal period, which, through the subjection of the labourer, sought solidarity without freedom; the reign of capital and the middle classes, established in 1789, which sought freedom by destroying solidarity; and the new era, beginning in 1848, which would reconcile solidarity with freedom by introducing the principle of association. The German who knew little French, answered the two first questions by giving the names of his regiment and of his commanding officer, but in reply to the third question which he did not understand said, introducing broken French into his own German, that he was the quartermaster of the regiment and his commander had ordered him to occupy all the houses one after another. diversion from landfill since introducing its own Zero Waste strategy in 1995. Introducing now other sets of symbols C, D, ...; c, d, ... Marryat's first attempt was somewhat severely criticized from an artistic point of view, and he was accused of gratifying private grudges by introducing real personages too thinly disguised; and as he attributed some of his own adventures to Frank Mildmay he was rather shocked to learn that readers identified him with that disagreeable character. Examples of Introduce in a sentence. Breast milk or formula should still be the main staple of your baby's diet, but you can begin introducing solid foods, one food at a time to rule out food allergies. Microsoft Pink is the company's project introducing cell phone hardware into the market. Gastrostomy tube-A tube that is inserted through a small incision in the abdominal wall and that extends through the stomach wall into the stomach for the purpose of introducing parenteral feedings. Repetition and drill is minimized by introducing topics that reinforce each other. The Romans adopted these weapons during the Punic Wars and further developed them, before introducing the new arrow-firing ballista and stone-throwing onager. When introducing a new pet, be it a cat or dog, there are two outcomes. Dallas was also responsible for introducing a plot twist that would become almost a requirement for nearly all series in the future - the season's end cliffhanger. The reform movement inaugurated by the commission of 1803 was resumed in 1830, when Governor-General Johannes van den Bosch endeavoured to improve the conditions of land-tenure and agriculture by introducing the so-called "culture system.". By introducing a dispersive lens of flint the magnifying glass could be corrected for both chromatic and spherical aberrations. The big company Nintendo keeps thinking smaller and smaller with it's dominant handheld system by introducing the Game Boy Micro, a tiny version of their SP that plays all of their Advance games while offering extreme portability. I enjoy dynamic courses where the teacher is always introducing new ideas and activities. At the beginning of Nnlrud-Din Shahs reign, a public school on the lines of a French lyce was opened in Teheran, principally with the object of educating officers for the army, but also of introducing a knowledge of Western. He just laughed, ignoring the question and turned instead to Cynthia, extending his hand and introducing himself. Before long, you'll be introducing solid foods, which will supplement the breast milk or formula you give her. In any other walk of life, a 44-year-old man introducing his dental work to another might provoke ridicule or disgust. 1566), who, though he himself was instrumental in introducing the reformed model into his other diocese of Verden, is reckoned as the last Roman Catholic archbishop of Bremen. It is worth noting that if we have a charged sphere we can perfectly discharge it by introducing it into the interior of another hollow insulated conductor and making contact. So far these theorems on vortex motion are kinematical; but introducing the equations of motion of § 22, Du + dQ =o, Dv+dQ =o, Dw + dQ dt dx dt dy dt dz and taking dx, dy, dz in the direction of u, v, w, and dx: dy: dz=u: v: w, (udx + vdy + wdz) = Du dx +u 1+.. Another word for introducing. We derived this substance from ethane by introducing a meth y l group; hence it may be termed " methylethane. Introducing Food after the Tissue Cleansing Treatment FIRST DAY Breakfast: Shredded carrots, slightly wilted, or stewed apple. 357-362) announced a slight modification of his original scheme, by introducing three more groups into it, and concluded by indicating how its bearings upon the great question of " genetic classification" might be represented so far as the different groups of Carinatae are concerned: - 1 These names are compounded respectively of Dromaeus, the generic name applied to the emeu, 7xQ-a, a split or cleft, SEVµa, a bond or tying, a finch, and, in each case, yvaBos, a jaw. The element of work done in introducing the quantity of electricity dq at a potential v is represented by the element of area of this triangle (see fig. Examples of introducing in a sentence: 1. The Congested Districts Board made many efforts to improve the condition of the inhabitants, especially by introducing better methods of fishing. The crusades were probably the means of introducing fresh strains of blood into England, and of giving opportunity for fresh crossings. opinion pollsters always ask is'Do you support introducing ID cards? The wine made him bold enough to approach her and, 9. They introduce us into a great human company. He did something to improve the condition of the duchies by restoring order, introducing German colonists into the eastern districts, and seeking to benefit the inhabitants of the towns. To alleviate the distress of the people he undertook to develop both agriculture and industry: planting colonies of Dutch and Flemish settlers to drain the marshes of Saintonge, issuing prohibitive measures against the importation of foreign goods (1597), introducing the silk industry, encouraging the manufacture of cloth, of glass-ware, of tapestries (Gobelins), and under the direction of Sully - named grand-voyer de France - improving and increasing the routes for commerce. Cotton and silk culture have been experimented with on the islands; and the work of the Hawaiian Agricultural Experiment Station is of great value, in introducing new crops, in improving old, in studying soils and fertilizers and in entomological research. For this purpose he selected extracts from the two narratives, " J " and " E," and combined them together into a single narrative, introducing in some places additions of his own. They introduce us into a great human company. He now describes a number in succession, introducing all but the first of those told between Mark i. Today, pediatricians recommend introducing solid foods between the ages of four and six months of age. On the other hand, vessel sink design has been evolving over the last 10 years, introducing more streamlined and sleek alternatives that fit perfectly in the trendiest of powder rooms. Consider finding places that math "exists" naturally and introducing concepts this way. Denoting the areas of the three strips by A, B, and C, and introducing the middle ordinate ug, we can express A + B; B -{- C; A + B -FC; and B in terms of uo, u 1, u 2; u 1, u2, u3; uo, u, u 3; and u 1, ug, u 2 respectively. Microsoft redesigned Office Mobile, introducing SharePoint Workspace and Outlook Mobile. Introducing your cat to your new baby can be tricky, but guest columnist Wendy Nan Rees walks new parents through the process. Feudalism was introduced in England in 1066 following the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest Who was responsible for introducing feudalism was introduced in England in 1066 following the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest Who was responsible for introducing feudalism in England? ), from 1863 to 1879, was for a while hailed as introducing a new era into modern Egypt. In 811 Charlemagne founded a church here, perhaps on the site of a Saxon place of sacrifice, and this became a great centre for the evangelization of the north of Europe, missionaries from Hamburg introducing Christianity into Jutland and the Danish islands and even into Sweden and Norway. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "sentence introducing" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. to bring a measure, product, or process into use for the first time. ; but it has not proved possible to sketch the types of philosophy without introducing references to the history of philosophy and sometimes even to the history of theism as well. After 1190, during the Golden Age of the art poetry (Kunstdichtung) of the Minnesingers, a professional poet (Rudolf von Ems?) This construction was further improved (I) by introducing a diaphragm between the two lenses; (2) by altering the distance between the two lenses; and (3) by splitting the lower lens into two lenses. Metal - Keep your mind sharp and strong by introducing the Metal element. 2. This did not prevent Solomon introducing Edomites into his harem (i Kings xi. Reiske's first years in Leiden were not unhappy, till he got into serious trouble by introducing emendations of his own into the second edition of Burmann's Petronius, which he had to see through the press. audiovisual presentation introducing a new initiative from the Strategic Forum for Construction. In short, the government, whatever criticism might be levelled at its methods, had accomplished a notable work, and when on the 6th of June 1909 the Cortes adjourned, its position seemed to be assured. 8 5-9 6), chiefly aimed at showing the inexpediency of relying solely on one set of characters, especially when those afforded by the palatal bones were not, even within the limits of families, wholly diagnostic, the author (Ibis, 1868, pp. Families with small children might find the Tahoe Trout Farm to be the best choice for introducing their youngsters to the fun of fishing. present position to take on the task of introducing Tintara wines to the British market. Bottger of Frankfort and Otto and Knop, all of whom added to our knowledge of the subject, the last-named introducing the use of sulphuric along with nitric acid in the nitration process. Example sentences with the word introductions. Or, if 1 It is true that he afterwards modifies this misleading identification by introducing the distinction between empirical psychology or the phenomenology of mind and inferential psychology' or ontology, i.e. An increasing number of elementary schools in Japan are introducing chopstick etiquette into their programs. Channing (q.v. Are there other ways of introducing incentives to use a conditional fee, rather than legal aid, whenever possible? Hampshire County Council have been introducing highly reflective road bollards to replace the more traditional illuminated versions. CK 2544039 Please introduce me to Tom. (a) During the first twenty years of the 16th century the reform of Latin instruction was carried out by setting aside the old medieval grammars, by introducing new manuals of classical literature, and by prescribing the study of classical authors and the imitation of classical models. Every time someone takes a drag off a cigarette, they are introducing more than 4,000 chemicals into their body. Letter of the Week is a free themed curriculum that is based on introducing one letter each week to your child. 1. But Simpson has not introduced any legislation to change the situation. But Simpson has not introduced any legislation to change the situation. Examples: The setting emphasizes deception: "Nothing is as it appears" (Smith 1). In addition, this is the time to start introducing those crucial sight words. This technique, which is known as gastric lavage, involves introducing 20 to 30 mL of tap water or 9 percent saline solution into the person's digestive tract and removing the stomach contents with a siphon or syringe. and to Christian Zimmermann (1759-1842), who, by introducing the hosiery and cloth manufacture, made Apolda one of the most important places in Germany in these branches of industry. 1) Hello, It’s nice to meet you. 242. Again, stir slowly to avoid introducing air bubbles. Another kind of sequence is that which is formed by introducing the successive factors of a continued product; e.g. There is a case for introducing some restriction on repeated applications to develop the same site, as these could also become vexatious.