We should have been but I do so enjoy letting the ducks stay by the ponds we have. 1 of 7 Big Otis, a Great Pyrenees dog, (top) watches over his sheep at the Barinaga Ranch in Marshall, Ca. The Pyrenees made no sound whatsoever except the grunt before she rushed the fence. It was heard close to our property several times after … Sure, but: I have seen several Coyote/Domestic dog encounters. They also travel in packs, making any pet dog vulnerable. will attack to kill. Great Pyrenees will make short work of coyotes. Wandering cats will be eaten by coyotes. By killing coyotes, hunters give an unnecessary foothold to species lower in the food chain, and nature responds by creating more coyotes to control those populations. Depending on how many there are just a couple of weekends would thin out the coyote population. They are awesome! A coyote can only kill a young deer or an unguarded fawn. This means that dogs can be exposed in any place where you might find coyotes and foxes, typically rural areas, but increasingly urban and … If you can lock them up in a barn at night, sometimes that's even better. I'm not sure. Guns, night vision goggles and late nights seems what you need. Therefore, the go-to reason for coyote-killing is, in effect, a great reason not to kill … The Great Pyrenees breed, (as you know) was bred as a guardian dog. You can put out antifreeze and kill everything in sight or you can get a good dog that will keep the varmits away. Great Pyrenees have a reputation as great livestock guardian dogs. She thought Ruth had made a new best dog friend. These dogs, which were bred specifically to keep predators away from livestock, often weigh over 140 pounds and can be up to 32 inches tall. Coyotes are powerful creatures and if you have dogs with you and if it involves both small and big then, you should take the small dogs and flee that area slowly as the coyote may try to attack the small dogs take it away as they it can … Sure, you can sit outside with a rifle all day if you don't want to get anything else done. From what I've seen the Pyrenees had no special cardio workout skills but she can damn sure kill a coyote. Then the Great Pyrenees..... Great Pyrenees will make short work of coyotes. They might also kill your dog as they're kinda assholes. Although they share the llama’s habit of staying close at hand and on-task, Neary says, another drawback is that some dietary additives given to sheep can be toxic to donkeys. Cats wander. Coyotes. Combining this loyal and loveable nature with different dog breeds can result in some pretty amazing pooches. Joined Dec 25, … They will kill and eat naive dogs and domestic cats any time of year. We have sheep, never had losses. What Dog Can Kill a Coyote? Most owners shear them annually. They may not kill very many, but the coyotes will find someplace else to live and work, and the Pyrenees will continue to guard/protect your family, your critters, your property. A hawk can take a chicken before your Pyrenees can notice if she is not on the lookout. My dog is German Shepard, Golden Retriever mix 65 lbs runs 5 miles with me daily. They seem like medium-sized dogs that can weigh between 18 to 51 pounds. But she did not …, three Pyr Females protect Shih Tzus from Rattle Snake live! I once spotted Sadie, our first Great Pyrenees, about a quarter mile off in the half light of early morning in the cow pasture running down several coyotes. And yes, Great Pyrenees will … That can be great when a coyote gets in the pasture, but that can be not so great if that aggression gets turned on a herding dog. It was a larger male for the area about 50 to 55 pounds. Silence, and then an insane prolonged coyote din. Coyote marks its territory with urine and hunts its prey (deer) in packs while chasing its prey. A neighbor a mile away has goats with guard donkeys. I think the common time for coyotes to hunt in packs is in the cold winter months. The coyotes disappeared into the brush, and Sade pounded in after them, now very close on their tails. Nope, it was a coyote. Well, I love the woman who said no. An big-bore airgun like that would be effective out to 40-50 yards if you do your part. Waiting in there he jumped into the water and pushed them back can a great pyrenees kill a bear, fathered. Also have a weim but he's old and has the … Donkeys will kill coyotes. We can lock our poultry up. AKC Standards call for an upper limit of 115 pounds for males, but some strains, notably those breed in California run up to about 175 pounds. Ichi Antiquites Ebay, The business end of the Cane Corso is its large, intimidating head with powerful jaws. Anyway, the concern is for us and the kids if it turns out to be a large pack. He could … That's when they are a danger to livestock if other food sources aren't available. Maybe poisoned bait. Husband was estimating 10. They may not kill very many, but the coyotes will find someplace else to live and work, and the Pyrenees will continue to guard/protect your family, your critters, your property. I can't think of a time when a single coyote … One of the best dogs for killing coyotes is the Great Pyrenees. I'm not familiar with any breed bred to kill coyotes. You need to confine your birds top and bottom,until you can get it.It will keep coming back and kill all of your chickens.Glad to know your dog wasn't the guilty party.A coyote could probably kill your dog so you need to put him up,too. The Coyotes are almost always in small groups of three to four and therefore the outcome with a single domestic dog would always be Coyotes 1, Dog … The best way to keep your goats safe is to invest in tall, secure fencing. Of course they donâ t get it. It takes five to 20 minutes. Coyotes are fast animals who can run up to 30 to 40 mph when necessary. Coyotes kill with a bite to the neck -- their canine teeth penetrate the larynx and crush the windpipe. How can you train a pet Great Pyrenees/Akbash to protect your livestock? No dog will keep your cat safe. I’ve known a Great Pyrenees to kill a coyote that was going after one of the chickens. I now have two Pyrenees dogs that patrol and I'm … The two answers are to either get a flock dog such as a Great Pyrenees or else to sit up at night and hunt them until they are no longer a threat. They are powerful enough to fend off bears. Finally, you will need to accustom your Pyrenees to strangers coming to your property, as well as having a vet examine her. Llama will also keep coyotes away. Case in point; we have 2 Great Pyrenees, 1 Great Dane/Black Labrador (farm dog) and an Anatolian puppy. Tubby is the male Great Pyrenees, the livestock guard dog that alerts the Siehs if coyotes, possums, hawks or owls come near the farm. Sounded like quite a few. Therefore, anything that they feel is coming between themselves and their pack whether it be sheep, cattle etc. Others have suggested a donkey. Otherwise, it is too easy for them to seriously hurt or even kill a small, unsuspecting dog. Farmers where I live will place a donkey in a pasture to keep coyotes out. I can't get a hunter to come out and hunt them - they don't show then. However, the Great Pyrenees Club of America states that although the breed is naturally aggressive with any perceived predator that may harm its flock, it can … So, even if for some reason your LGD doesn’t bond particularly well with your livestock (which is unusual), she will still protect them. Coyotes are killing machines and if they are hungry or protecting pups or territory, they'll kill whatever they can get to. This is where you can find coyotes . Be in a can a great pyrenees kill a bear Pyr pet owners are never in a crate or kennel a pet 's! 150lb Great Pyrenees kill by young cougar. ... Pyranees dogs in the French Alps are apparently used to fend off coyotes, so I imagine they are pretty tough, but no match for a cougar obviously. Two owners of Great Pyrenees tell about the … The Great Pyrenees is well known for his protector status and will guard you, your kids, your other pets, your house, your furniture, and even your imaginary friends with unwavering devotion! And it was on the lam. Also assholes. Pyrs, as we fans lovingly call them, are among the best with children, being very loving and protective, but they are sudden death on coyotes. Great Pyrenees can be quite fast - but they are also smart. Click to expand... French alps? My son sits out in our 'coyote tower' and they don't show. Well. Furthermore, your Pyreneese will need to learn to watch out for predators from the sky as well as from the land. They are awesome! I dont really want to use it, but i dont see any other way. Potsdam farmer believes coyotes killed 1,500-pound cow but DEC says it is ‘highly unlikely’ Great Pyrenees are popular here. Fortunately, coyotes rarely attack humans, and are generally very afraid of them ... a Great Pyrenees dog, (top) watches over his sheep at the Barinaga Ranch in Marshall, Ca. You seriously need to look into getting a good quality livestock guardian dog. She doesn't own DASH. I remember when my dad killed 23 in one weekend that were … The coyotes around here are pretty desensitized to urban/suburban life The shepherds were trailing the 1,500 sheep flock down a logging road, through the dense forest to another block. Great Pyrenees are big. HA ! Great Pyrenees, also known as Pyrenean Mountain dogs, weigh from 85 to 120 pounds and are typically used to guard livestock. Every day the strange, friendly visitor would stop to play with her Great Pyrenees, Ruth Bader. But last week, while on a jaunt into the mountains north of Emmett, the 200-pound Great Pyrenees … You go to sleep and the dog barks and you can look out the window and see one 30 feet from the house that has a dog and 30 head pinned into the fence corner between the house and the … You won't need to train it, just let it … A cougar killed five goats one night about 4 months ago. The great pry we used to have would attack coyotes without a second of hesitation, they are fearless. Coyotes can run very fast so, if you think you can outrun a Coyote then you’re wrong you can’t. Mar 26, 2013 #16 C. CityClucker Just born. Great Pyrenees can be quite fast - but … Originally Published: July 28, 2019 7:27 p.m. Can coyote kill a dog? Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Ohub Campfire mobile app We have a great pyr and an akbash.